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Greenfee.Golf – a digital golf club for golfers in Europe!

Greenfee.Golf’s business idea is to offer an affordable golf membership for golfers in Europe who mainly play on green fee. The service consists of two parts – a golf membership as well as attractive offers on green fees from golf courses around the world.

A membership adapted for the green fee golfer
By offering a membership for golfers who don’t want to lock themselves into a specific golf club, Greenfee.Golf takes green fee membership to the next level. With Greenfee.Golf, golfers can affordably build their own golf experience consisting of the courses they want to play, when they want to play them.

– We want to increase the flexibility for golfers by offering a service that opens up for players all over Europe to find and explore courses on new golf clubs, says Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist, the co-founder of Greenfee.Golf and owner of Ekholmsnäs Golf Lidingö.

Since Ekholmsnäs Golf Lidingö launched its membership for green fee players in 2014, little has happened on the market until now. For several years, Ekholmsnäs Golf Lidingö has also run an international membership through the Swedish Golf Alliance, something that now is incorporated into the newly started service Greenfee.Golf, which aims to have over 1,000 members before the turn of the year.

– We see what an enormous success the green fee membership has had in Sweden and we see huge potential for replicating this on the European market. To this we add fantastic offers and discounts on green fees, something that we see missing in today’s green fee membership, says Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist.

Launch in December
The service will launch in December 2022 as an affordable, fully digital golf membership for golfers in Europe. During the spring of 2023, the second part of the service will be launched with offers on green fees from courses across Europe..

– With Greenfee.Golf, we want to take the success of green fee membership to Europe for real. We are convinced that the low price level for a membership combined with attractive offers on green fees, over time, will open up the sport of golf to more people (just as we saw it done in Sweden), says Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist.

Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist