A Cheap Golf Membership For Players

A Cheap Golf Membership For Players

Are you tired of spending a fortune for a golf membership that limits you to a single course? Why pay a hefty price for exclusivity when you can have the freedom to explore multiple golf courses with a cheap golf membership for players wanting to get the most out of their golf wallet?

At Greenfee.Golf, we understand the needs of golfers who want to make the most of their golf budget. Our golf membership offers an affordable solution that allows you to spend your hard-earned money on the courses you truly desire to play, whenever you want to play them. Discover how our cheap golf membership can revolutionize your golfing experience.

Our cheap Golf Membership for players starts as low as 59€!

A Cheap Golf Membership Allows Players to Explore More

Finding an affordable golf membership that offers flexibility and freedom can be a challenge. However, at Greenfee.Golf, we have developed a solution that caters to the needs of cost-aware golfers. With our cheap golf membership, you can unlock the potential to explore multiple courses without breaking the bank.

Imagine having the ability to choose from a wide range of golf courses and play them at your convenience. No longer will you feel restricted by the limitations of a single course membership. Embrace the freedom to enhance your golfing experience with our affordable memberships.

Maximize Your Golf Budget with Greenfee.Golf

Why spend all your golf budget on a single course membership when you can invest it on many golfing adventures? Greenfee.Golf offers you the opportunity to allocate your funds to the courses that truly captivate your interest.

With our cheap golf membership, you can explore new challenges, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse golfing experiences. Whether you prefer coastal courses, picturesque fairways, or challenging terrain, our affordable membership empowers you to make the most of your golf budget.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to the thrill of exploring multiple courses with Greenfee.Golf.

Play Your Favorite Courses Whenever You Want

Gone are the days of rigid schedules and limited access. With our cheap golf membership, you can enjoy the freedom to play when and where you want. Whether you fancy an early morning tee-off or a leisurely afternoon round, our affordable membership ensures you have the flexibility to indulge in your passion for golf on your terms.

Make golf a part of your lifestyle and relish the joy of exploring different courses without any hassle. Embrace the golfing freedom you deserve with Greenfee.Golf.

Get a Cheap Golf Membership Today

Greenfee.Golf is A golf membership club for green fee golfers. An affordable membership with green fee offers from courses around the world.

Pick your membership plan below to get started – a Full Member (a golf club membership which valid world wide) with green fee offers from around the world or just one of the two – either a Member (membership only) or a Player (green fee offers only).

Membership plans

Membership plans for green fee golfers

Membership Plans

Discounted green fee on courses world wide **
Special green fee offers from courses near you **
Golf-ID (valid world wide) from a golf club of choice
Valid digital HCP certificate

Full member


Renews at €89 / Year *



Renews at €39 / Year *

*   Price per calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Renews on January 1 yearly. Sign up between September 15 and December 31 and you will get the current calendar year within included in the price.

Prices are including VAT.